Turn your kid to a bookworm

Reading is one of the finest hobbies which can illustrate as a good example of edutainment. Reading different kinds of books helps in stimulates children’s imagination and understanding of the world. It is the best way to enrich their vocabulary and develop literacy skills. Starting reading from childhood will be a tremendous asset in the future. Even though it is a beneficial habit, children are not interested to read. We cannot persist them instead with love and care gradually we can inhibit these hobbies in them. Let’s have a look at how it becomes so easy.
Be a role model 
Kids who are the photocopies of you, always tend to become like parents. The way you walk, your minute actions, your habits even your dialog delivery are under the curious surveillance of your kid. You all may already get excited when they imitated you better than you. So, this is a better and easy way to start reading in your children. Read a lot in front of them and create a curiosity that attracts your kids to reading. Gradually you can see a memorable sight which you surely going to click and keep safe in your albums, that your kids holding your huge books and spectacles.
Gift them books on special days
On the special days, what is going through the mind of our is complete of expectations. It is a best practice that to gift them a book on their birthdays. For kids, whatever they get as a gift is so special for them. So, when they get a book as a gift from their special ones, definitely your children will try to read it.
Never force them
Most of the parents want their kids to be academically brilliant. For this reason, they force them to books in their syllabus which makes them irritated. The outcome is that the kids really get bored and hate reading. Before adolescence, they don’t have many subjects like history which are boring. Instead of persisting, allow them to read according to their taste and promote their reading skills. Once they get addicted to reading, slowly your kids automatically begin to read his lessons which will be helpful in higher classes. 
Let read books before bedtime
Most of the kids are very big fans of bedtime stories, hearing from their grandparents. But today almost families are nuclear ones and things will not change. However, this is a good chance to grow their reading skills. Encourage your kids to take books to bed before they sleep. If you read aloud along with them it will be more effective. Recently kids are spending time on the mobile phone, we cannot refuse that. For them, we can introduce digital reading, certain infotainment apps available on the internet which promotes reading.  

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