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    Billion Surprise Toys is one of the most recognized animation brands focused on edutainment, targeting the most selective audience in the world kids! We take pride in establishing a niche position in the 3D animation industry with our excellent team of animators, musicians, game developers and the like. Their intention is to help in nurturing your toddlers having good manners, through amazing videos and games.

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BST Supermarket

Johny, Chiya, and Dolly are on the way to shopping at BST supermarket. Our billion surprises are ready through several levels such as beverages, cakes, candy, vegetables, food items, toys, clothes, daily products. Help kids to pick the right items to their basket.

Our Shows

Surprising stories of our cute families come to you, through stunning animated videos every week. Around the globe, parents are opinioned that our songs and games are the best support for kids to develop their mannerisms in daily life.

Johny & Family Show

Let’s have a look at sweet family of Johny. James is the head, partnered with Emily. Happiness is enriched with their three stars Chiya, Johny and Dolly. The family is under the loving control of James who is a computer engineer and well-read man in his 30s. Emily, the best example of maternal love is a fantastic cook. The door of heaven opens when the three stars twinkle Chiya, 4 years old boy and twin siblings Johny, and Dolly.
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Fantasy Family Show

Meet these guys who come to life to fulfill the desires of the kids. Ice-cream man, who delivers ice-cream at any time. Refrigerator, who gives food at the needs of kids. Humpty-Dumpty, a consistent playmate.
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Animal Family Show

 Meet these three members who are the complete example of love, care, and companionship . Kitty the lazy cat, poppy the loyal dog and bunny the lover of carrot who always makes the kids happy and energetic .
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