February 7, 2018 Blog, For the parents, Parenting Guide
I’m realizing that the old saying seems to be true … time does go faster as you get older. My kids are growing so fast, and my mom-brain has started to realize that time before my oldest ones leave home is growing much shorter. For this reason, I’ve really been trying to start some family traditions and spend quality time together as a family. While I hope that our kids still want to spend time with us when they are teenagers, we’re making family time a focus while they still enjoy it.    ..
Your first-born may be your most precious gift, but when the second baby comes along, the relationship equations at home are bound to witness some changes. It’s true that a mother’s love for her children is boundless, but it’s natural that your second baby will require more care and attention. You may not differentiate between your first-born and their new sibling, but your first-born may develop perceptions that you have stopped loving and caring for them. If you have not prepared your first-born for their new sibling, they might get jealous or even angry. Such emotions can ..