7 Ways to Provide Gas Relief for Toddlers

January 29, 2018 Child Health

Gas is a very common problem for toddlers. There is nothing to be worried about if your kid is suffering from gas-related pain. A parent cannot just sit idle when the toddler is crying and screaming out of pain. You would definitely want to give some gas relief for toddlers at the earliest. Toddlers suffer most from gas pain due to some habits such as swallowing food rather than chewing, lactose intolerance, swallowing air while eating or drinking and not drinking enough quantity of fluids. It has to be kept in mind that a toddler’s digestive tract has not developed completely as of yet. And that causes quick movement of food through the tract leaving little time for the food to be absorbed as a result, gas is formed.

But before you seek treatment for gas relief, you need to identify the symptoms of gas pain. Toddlers cry for various reasons (and at times even act to be in pain to draw attention), so what are the definitive signs that your kid is having gas pain? Your kid is affected by gas if he cries more intensely than usual, gasps with pain, becomes fussy and pull their legs up to the belly and does not want to eat anything. Even the abnormally high frequency of burping and gas passing can be a good way to identify the gas problem. So, now that you have identified the problem, here are some great ways to relieve your toddler from gas-related pain.